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Circulating Release Release iPhone 11 Through iOS 13 Beta

Previously there was already information related to the leaked release date of the iPhone 11 series and the next generation iPhone XR. At that time, it was reported that one of the important people involved in the release of this cellphone had accidentally notified the public, but in the form of long information alias did not specify the exact date.

And this time the release date for the iPhone 11 series was revealed again, which came from screenshots on Apple’s latest operating system which is still in beta. Not long ago, the seventh iOS 13 beta began to be rolled out to the developers, and there was an indication of the release schedule for Apple’s latest cellphone, GSMArena wrote.

Accompanying the news, there is a screenshot or screenshot of the iOS 13 Beta display that shows September 10, 2019, which is predicted to be the date to release the next generation of the iPhone XS Series.

Not only that, which strengthens the suspicion that the iPhone 11 series to be released on September 10 is, the words “HoldForRelease” which means “hold for release”. Apart from that, everything seems fine and there is nothing suspicious about the screenshot.

Regarding this, Apple is still silent and does not want to comment anything related to the release schedule of the newest iPhone Smartphone . Never mind the release schedule, the slightest leak related to the ability of the cellphone that will be released this year is also not revealed at all.

Previously revealed that September 20 is the release schedule of the latest iPhone mobile, because the iPhone XS which is its predecessor has been released on September 21, 2018. And this time the alleged September 10, 2019 is also not much different than the release of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 series that held on September 12, 2017.

But it seems that September 10, 2019 is stronger as the release schedule for the iPhone 11 series, because last year Apple seems to have slightly delayed its schedule because the place to be used has been leased by other companies for special purposes.



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