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Asus VivoBook S330 Released, Stylish, Yet Powerful 13Inci Laptop

Asus smartphone manufacturer is back to updating its portfolio in the Notebook market. At the end of 2018, this Taiwanese vendor introduced the Asus VivoBook S430 as a laptop that has a slim and lightweight body but offers very strong performance to support daily activities which are aimed at dynamic young people. Now the vendor is launching the latest laptop titled Asus VivoBook S330 with a body that is also compact and stylish yet powerful.

The presence of the Asus VivoBook S330 answers the desires of consumers who crave a more compact and portable laptop to support their daily activities. This laptop offers a more compact screen size than the Asus VivoBook S430. It was mentioned that the VivoBook S330 is the ‘sister’ of the S430 which offers a 14-inch wide screen.

This Asus VivoBook S330 laptop device comes with a 13.3-inch wide screen with clear and clear FullHD resolution. The body is packed more compact, stylish but lightweight so it is comfortable when taken for traveling. Nano Edge Display technology is also embedded to wrap a laptop screen with a very thin bezel so it is ready to bring a more real visual experience without limits.

Although the Asus VivoBook S330 laptop itself is present as a mainstream class laptop, it comes with a number of premium features. This feature was previously only immersed in high-end laptops like the ZenBook series but this time Asus presented it in the VivoBook range. The premium features are Nano Edge Display and Ergo Lift Design.

The Nano Edge Display feature itself is an exclusive feature which allows the screen to appear with a very thin bezel of only 4.3 mm. With the Asus VivoBook S330 bezel that is really very thin, this laptop is able to deliver a screen to BPD ratio of 89 percent which is larger than a 13-inch laptop in general.

Please note that the specifications of the Asus VivoBook S330 itself are not just thin but bring FullHD screen resolution so it is suitable for meeting daily needs such as working, streaming internet to play multimedia content. The VivoBook S330 screen also has a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees.

In addition, another premium feature is Ergo Lift Design, which allows the body to lift and form an angle of 2.5 degrees when used. This position allows this laptop to be more ergonomic and comfortable when used, especially for typing. This ErgoLift Design feature also makes the Asus VivoBook S330 cooler because the air circulation under the laptop becomes more smooth thanks to its raised body when used. For the thickness of the body itself reaches 17.9 mm and weighs 1.2 kilograms.

Asus manufacturer itself presents Asus VivoBook S330 in two colors, namely Pink Metal beautiful for women and Gold Metal with a blend of luxurious and elegant nuances. This laptop is also equipped with reliable performance which is driven by the Intel Core i3-8130U which is quite powerful but still polluted. The 8th generation Intel Core processor has a dual-core configuration with 4 threads and 3.4 GHz speed.

Meanwhile the specifications of the Asus VivoBook S330 are also equipped with RAAM LPDDR3 with a capacity of 4GB with a speed of 2133MHz. As for the storage capacity, it is supported by a 256GB SATA SSD for storing many files. The SSD itself was chosen because the dimensions are smaller with high durability, which is faster than the HDD that is widely used on laptops in its class.

Not only that, the Asus VivoBook S330 is also supported by a number of ports, namely USB Type-A and Type-C. In addition, it also supports Combo Audio Jack to connect the audio device and is supported by an HDMI port and microSD Card Reader. The connectivity that is delivered is also quite complete with WiFi Dual Band 802.11 ac also supports Bluetooth 4.2.

This VivoBook S330 device is powered by a battery that is claimed to be capable of being used for up to 12 hours. Also equipped with fast charging technology to charge the battery reaches 60 percent in just 49 minutes. The price of the Asus VivoBook S330 itself is priced at IDR 8,599,000 per unit. Interested in buying it?



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