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Apple Trouble Releasing iPhone 5G

A few months ago a new network with much higher internet access speed called 5G has been officially commercialized, so that a number of vendors in 2019 are competing to start presenting smartphones that have 5G network support. It is known, rows of leading brands such as Samsung , Xiaomi, and Huawei now have mobile phones that are supported by the latest network.

But unfortunately, a different fate came to Apple where it is reported that it is still not ready to apply the 5G network to its iPhone Smartphone in 2019. Until now, the company from the United States is still faced with a big dilemma, because of its feud with Qualcomm. In fact, this company is one that has been able to supply 5G modems & chips via Snapdragon 855.

Apple is known to fail to cooperate with Qualcomm until the year 2020 this is due to the price offered is called 5x higher when compared with the price of the submission from the company led by Tim Cook.

Not only that, Apple is rumored to be facing a difficult situation to obtain a 5G component for its iPhone Smartphone . Based on data from Cowen’s research, this company from Cupertino has 4 options, but all are not ideal.

First, working with Intel on the affairs of the 5G chip, but the famous chip manufacturer needs 18 months to make it happen. While the modem is used without mmWave capabilities, even though in this 5G network mmWave shortwaves are very necessary.

Then for the second option that is ordering spare parts from its heavy competitor, Samsung. But if you deal with these vendors, there will be problems related to commercial requirements that must be fulfilled. And the third option is feedback with Qualcomm, but it seems impossible because both of them clash with each other to take legal action.

And the last choice is that Apple will develop its own 5G modem and apply it to the A Series chip. But to finish it in a short time, it requires a large budget and is considered to be inefficient in terms of doing business.



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