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Apple to Release iPad Soon

As we know that Apple’s income is mostly from the sale of smartphones made by it, but for Tablet devices it also doesn’t lose. Although the global tab marketing has decreased, but the iPad still gets a fairly stable sale.

Towards the end of 2018 yesterday, Apple has released the iPad Pro, a tablet with extraordinary advanced capabilities. However, not long after the launch, rumors have now circulated that the company from the United States is preparing a new Tablet device which is estimated to be priced at a low price.

From the information reported from the Digitimes page , Apple’s touch screen supplier is giving an indication of the arrival of the entry level iPad version. Tablet devices are expected to be the next generation of iPad mini 4 and iPad 6.

According to rumors revealed by Cult of Mac , for the two suppliers intended to leak this time, they are GIS (General Interface Solution) and TPK Holding. It needs to be acknowledged that the company is known to have long cooperated with Apple and has succeeded in creating several quality products.

For GIS companies, it will produce 40% of the newest iPad series. TPK Holdings and O-Film Technology will produce the remaining 60%. If indeed the iPad mini 5  will actually be released, then this is something that is quite encouraging. Because the Tablet line was last updated in 2015.

If it is a design problem, it is reported that it will not experience many changes, only it will display only a few minor updates. However, for specifications, it seems to be significantly improved. On the other hand, with more enhanced specifications, it is estimated that Apple will still present affordable prices, which is below US $ 329.

The next generation of iPad 4 and iPad 6 rumors will be released at the beginning of 2019, if not in March, maybe early April 2019. Is that right? We look forward to the official information in the coming months.



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