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Although Popular, the Mac App Store Still Deletes This Application for Shocking Reasons

So far, we know that Apple companies always prioritize the security and privacy of each device user made by him. Not only that, various applications that will be installed on their products must also meet the strict requirements of Apple.

And if there are applications that violate the provisions, then Apple will not hesitate to block it. As has been done recently, blocking Adware Doctor applications . Please note that this application is one of the most popular in the Mac App Store . Its function is to prevent malware infections and various dangerous files on the computer.

But the problem is, Adware Doctor actually violates Apple’s specified privacy by secretly gathering search history from its users without prior approval. Knowing this, the company from the United States immediately removed the application from the Mac App Store.

For data theft this was first revealed by security researcher Patrick Wardle and Privacy 1 st . Through his statement, Adware Doctor has requested access to the Home Directory and also user files. Then for this access is used to collect browsing data from search applications such as Chrome, Safari to Firefox . Then the data has been compressed into a file called “” and sent to China.

The main problem is that despite requesting access to home directories and files, the Adware Doctor application does not provide information about the need to collect user browsing data so that it is considered to have committed data theft. And this problem is so obvious that last week Adware Doctor was immediately removed from the Mac App Store . On the other hand, Apple also did not give comments at length.

Please note that for the Adware Doctor application it previously had a price of US $ 5 and had entered the top 5 most popular paid applications in the Mac App Store. And after this removal is still unclear whether the users who have made a purchase get a refund or not.



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