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Apple Rejects Dot Quantum Technology That Can Magic Camera Much Better

Apple is indeed famous for its nature that does not care about various kinds of rumors that are scattered on the Jagat Maya, and it also rarely even exposes about what is being worked on. However, there are still various kinds of leaks about the vendor from various parties.

As happened recently where it is rumored that Apple has canceled its collaboration with Nanoco, a company that has expertise in developing Quantum Dot technology . So, what is Quantum Dot technology? Is it useful for Smartphone devices?

If it’s useful, right, because this technology can improve the quality of shots from mobile cameras, it is far better than without quantum dot . Like high-end television devices, where lenses are possible to have more precise control of light so that the captured object has more real and clear quality.

If indeed this quantum dot technology is applied to future iPhone Smartphones , of course the quality of the shots produced is far better than the previous generation iPhone devices. Including when used for the needs of Augmented Reality (AR).

The problem with the material, this quantum dot has been created from nano-crystals composed of various kinds of semiconductor materials which have special characteristics with quantum mechanics. And the advantages that become the attraction of various groups, namely its ability to emit a very narrow spectrum of light, because the material can be arranged in such a way.

Not only is being glimpsed by Smartphone makers who need more quality camera lenses, but some screen supplier companies are also interested in using special materials from the quantum dot technology .

Back to the Apple company, which has been interested in quantum dot technology since 2013. In that year, the company from Cupertino, United States has patented hybrid OLED and QD ( quantum dot) LED displays.



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