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Space Justice: Galaxy Shooter, Mobile Online Shooting Game – 3D Shots for Android and the Best IOS

Game called Space Justice: Galaxy Shooter is one of the classic games that has undergone an update. As we know airplane-boarding games have been around for a long time, but now on mobile devices they have experienced a significant update where the appearance is now 3D, cool and interesting.

Game space shuttle has taken the concept of the game that has been around a long time, the ship will perform continuous automatic fire, only a player’s task directed fire and avoid any fire of enemy ships that attack alone.

But sometimes you will also get additional power which can release more and faster shots so you can kill enemies faster than before.

In addition, what makes it look more cool and modern is the game Space Justice: Galaxy Shooter can also be played by two people in real time. That way the match will be more exciting and tense, of course, because your eyes can be fooled by your friend’s ship.

Not only that, the enemies faced are also not as easy as they think where they also shoot bullets irregularly so that we ourselves will be difficult to avoid. To win a match, you must be really observant and deft in controlling the plane to the left / right side or up or down.

Graphic problems, this game can be recognized the quality is really satisfying. Yes, even if it’s just a mere gunshot, this character and view from the outer space is quite interesting. Besides this complicated bullet effect is also a challenge for the players.

To get the Space Justice game : Galaxy Shooter , Android users can get it in the Google Play Store with a size of 271 MB, while iOS users can find this game on the App Store with File Size 506.1 MB.



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